Amanda Clark - Dancer

This cheeky broad, Amandaconda, had her Portland burlesque debut as Mistress Scarlett of The Damsels in Burlesque, in the steamy summer of 2006. She grew into a performance artist known as Rosie Rimjob, one of the founding members of The Dirty Dishes Burlesque Revue(2009-12). As part of the Revue she collaborated to organize variety burlesque shows and community events. From there, she independently curated and hosted two sultry, bi-monthly burlesque series.

Rosie Rimjob’s Saturday Night Burlesque Affair, at The Oak & The Ax in Biddeford, ME, took place during the summer of 2013. It was a show series of burlesque, circus and an array of unique talents. During 2014, she collaborated with Will Ethrige to organize PAST PRESENT FUTURE, utilizing a number of venues in Portland, ME. The series provided a space for artists to create performances around the influential concepts of time that’s gone by, how it feels to acknowledge the present and what will happen to us in the future.

Over the years, Rosie grew weary of rimming expectations and put herself to rest... Only to be born of the East End's soft, ocean foam as Amandaconda. Amandaconda has organized radical events to stir our social and political atmosphere. She worked with Étaín Boutique to plan Dispatch Magazine’s 2016 lingerie show, Impersonating a Body, by coaching and organizing the models. Most recently, Amandaconda worked to put together Naked People Reading at SPACE Gallery, for inauguration night. A sea of naked bodies overtook the stage, to share radical text, and bare their sex to convey thoughts and hopes for the next four years. Amandaconda can be seen looking cozy, cruising down Congress Street, contemplating her latest calling: to reinvent the Bond Girl. We've seen them all, the femme fatale, the sacrificial lamb, the love interest... Watch out Portland, Portland, Maine. This Violent Femme is going to take you around the world.

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