Dylan Verner- Director- Videographer- Writer- Photographer-

As an artist, as a husband and a father, as a musician and friend I get a chance to see the world through many eyes. I am thankful that photography has unified them into a vision of worthy sentiment. Photography has allowed me to offer that perspective to my friends, family and hopefully is inviting enough for you to become a part of that - Friends and Family. Maybe it's a bit of a need to adventure and see new horizons, maybe it's a touch of the archivist's dream, maybe it's my need for a rich and multi-faceted perspective on life that has driven my desire to photograph weddings, landscapes, portraits, photojournalism, sports, families, music, children and performance artists. Each of them a part of who I am. Each one a little window into my reality. To preserve that moment in time - in history - is important to me and is the driving force of my pursuits. We are fleeting as is that golden moment, help me to see yours.