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Voice and Song

My instruction for voice is unconventional, and not geared toward a technical view. Over the years, as a self-taught singer, having been told by medical professionals for all of my life that I should not be able to sing due to physiological constrictions, I have learned and continue to learn the limitless ways in which the voice is a manifestation of the deeper self. Work in voice can provide a pathway to understanding and self improvement. As a Psychology major and Nursing student, having worked in healthcare for almost two decades, my approach is therapeutic rather than technical. The voice is an incredible conduit for healing and self expression, it can be a powerful tool for discovery and change. Keeping the voice healthy and strong is of the utmost importance, but it is a holistic integrative work in emotion, social and self- awareness, body and soul.

Our voice connects us to the communities we inhabit, providing an outlet and a means of expression as well as communication. Song Work is a cathartic way, through creative expression, to work toward a deeper understanding of ourselves and the worlds around us.

I will be taking a limited number of new clients to commence October 2018, and can provide voice and song sessions via Skype or in person.

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Scott Morgan-GUITAR

Scott earned his degree in music education from the University of Southern Maine, and has been working as a music teacher both privately and in public schools for the past twenty years. Offering in-person beginner to advanced guitar instruction in the midcoast and as far as Augusta, Maine. Scott can provide beginner lessons on drums, piano, and trumpet. Also Worldwide via Skype.

Shawn Paul Boissonneault-DRUMs

Berklee educated master drummer and percussionist

Offering in-person instruction in Portland, Maine