Chased by a Black Bear, Boo Boo Loses A Life & The Breakfast Club Crew--Oh The Places We Went!

You know you've had a day when all you want to do is take a nap but you need to remove the shotguns from the bed first. Yesterday was one of those (fortunately) rare ones when the close-calls all come knocking at the same time. 

It started with one of our Persian cats, Boo Boo Beeber, having a hairball from Hell. The Doc told us that her small intestine had come close to perforating and a decision had to be made. The surgery saved her life and we were able to have her spayed while they were in there, so---two birds nipped with one incredibly large vet bill. Beeber will live to worship Scottie another day. 

In other Maine-woods news, the Mrs learned how fast she could run when a black bear gave chase around 10:00pm last night. To make a short story even briefer---pretty fucking fast--and unhampered by losing her shoes on the way up the hill to the house. The shotguns got dusted off for the late night check on the horses.

Mr Morgan stayed home with a delirious Beeb this morning and Ma stopped in to  The Breakfast Club With Matty B. 

Not only did the crew at Z105.5 have an endless supply of decent coffee and tunes to spin but whit and grit to boot. Mr B was gracious enough to spin a tune off of the brand-spanking new record.

Special thanks to Tori for dropping in and along with Matty and Bonnie proving to the Mrs that it is actually possible to have fun that early in the morning. These crazy kids at L/A's only LOCAL music station are doing their part to give the Maine music scene a little lovin'. 

The Mr & the Mrs have been invited to stop in again next month, date and time TBA asap. 

If you would like to listen to the Live show from this morning follow the link below. Then if you're feeling frisky drop us a line in the comments below!

Click to listen to JLD & matty B. on Z105.5 fm auburn